Location ID:      Designer:      Date: 
Hole Diameter  in.
Total Groundbed Depth  ft.
Soil Resistivity  ohm-cm
Desired Groundbed Life
Anode Quantity  
Anode Spacing
center to center 
Backfill Material
Coke Over Top Anode  ft.
Distance of First Anode off Bottom  ft.
Anode Cable Size
Aboveground Anode Cable
Wellhead to J-box
Pos/Neg Cable Size
Pos/Neg Cable Length
J-box to power source to structure
Anode Type Anode Size
Groundbed Capacity  amp.
Circuit Resistance  ohm
ActiveLength  ft.
Inactive Length  ft.
Coke Volume  lb.
Anode to Backfill Current Density  amp./ft.2
Backfill to Soil Current Density  amp./ft.2
Cable Length of Bottom Anode  ft.
Cable Length of Top Anode  ft.
Total Anode Cable Length   ft.
Design Parameters

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