Diagram of a SHALLOW VERTICAL Groundbed

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Design Process Used by this Program

Backfill to Soil Resistance Backfill to soil resistance for a shallow vertical groundbed is calculated with Dwight's Formula for multiple vertical anodes.

Location ID:      Designer:      Date: 
Anode Hole Diameter  in.
Anode Hole Depth  ft.
Soil Resistivity  ohm-cm
Desired Groundbed Life
Anode Quantity  
Anode Hole Spacing
center to center 
Backfill Material
Coke Column Height in Hole
Active Length
Distance of Anode off Bottom
Anode Cable Length  ft.
Anode Cable Size
Positive Cable Length
power source to first anode
Pos/Neg Cable Size
Negative Cable Length
power source to first structure
Anode Type Anode Size
Groundbed Capacity  amp.
Circuit Resistance  ohm
Active Length  ft.
Coke Volume  lb.
Anode to Backfill Current Density  amp./ft.2
Backfill to Soil Current Density  amp./ft.2
Total Neg/Pos Cable Length  ft.
Design Parameters

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